About Us

The Alzheimer’s Research Foundation recognizes there are numerous organizations pursuing causes, treatments and cures for this disease, as well as other organizations that support the caregiver and patient families. In an effort to avoid duplication of effort, the Foundation shall attempt to investigate and support such avenues and services as we deem under-serviced by others.  Often these potential treatments are under-examined due to the lack of profit potential and include existing pharmaceuticals which may yield benefits when prescribed ‘off label’, herbal-derived compounds, concoctions and decoctions and dietary supplements. We will try to ‘fill in the chinks’ as it were, while providing the Alzheimer’s extended family with sources and resources as are within our means.

The Foundation will investigate or cause to be investigated a) treatments for symptoms, prevention and/or etiological causative agents, with emphasis on off-label use of existing drugs, herbal formulations, over the counter remedies and other treatments b) products, information, and services to assist or better the quality of life of Alzheimer’s patients, primary caregivers and family members c) legislation accruing benefits to Alzheimer’s patients and their families will be supported, via testimony if asked, but NOT actively lobbied for. Early diagnosis tests and testing programs to include verbal/written psychometric tests, electronic scans, invasive laboratory tests, etc) e) any means of supporting Alzheimer’s patients and families we feel would be beneficial and is not being adequately addressed by other organizations.  We will not endorse any drug or treatment.

The Foundation is privately funded and not a tax-exempt 501(c)3 entity. We do not at present, nor do we plan to, solicit donations via direct means such as mail, advertising, telemarketing, etc.

The Foundation hopes to fund scholarships for worthy persons who a) are LPNs working in home care for dementia patients who wish to return to school to seek their RN degrees b) nursing home workers who wish to increase their qualifications, high school graduates who are entering a field which directly or indirectly supports Alzheimer’s patients and their families. c) research into Alzheimer’s and dementia-related topics in any field.

The Foundation will provide ongoing support via a toll-free phone line as well as an electronic newsletter to be published at least monthly.

The Foundation will support The Funeral Help Program, to better assist Alzheimer’s families for the entire duration of the disease and its aftereffects. Additional support for post-Alzheimer’s caregivers and family members will also be offered in the form of articles,web sites, books, DVDs, etc