Helpful Hints

There are currently over 4,000,000 families dealing with Alzheimer’s in the U.S. alone. By 2010, that number is projected to be over 10,000,000. Rather than have each of us ‘reinvent the wheel’, we’d like to offer this page as a place where we can all share information. Perhaps you have found a unique way of getting the patient dressed, or have stumbled across a hazard others may not be aware of as yet. Send them to us and we’ll post them under the appropriate heading for others to share. You can check back from time to time and pick up some useful tips from others who have been where you are.

We’d like your contributions under the following headings, each of which will have its own page.

  • Sundowner’s–How to get them to sleep, or limit their late-night activities.
  • Situational Awareness–Keeping the patient cognizant of the hour, day.
  • Getting dressed–Ideas on choosing clothing and/or dressing the patient?
  • Meal time–have some good recipes or hints??
  • Travel–Precautions & Considerations
  • Respite–Where to get it, what to do.
  • Resources–Know an organization or business we should all know about?
  • E-mail Pals–Want someone to talk to? Tell us your interests and a bit about you and we’ll post it.
  • OTHER–If it doesn’t fit above, we’ll put it in here.

To contribute your hints and tips, fill out the form below. You can leave your name or just initials or ANONYMOUS, as you wish. No e-mail addresses will be posted without your permission.