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August 2012 Newsletter

After support group ends, attendees form their own group

For caregivers and their loved ones with Alzheimer’s disease, support groups provide much needed information, a place to air their burdens, and companionship with people in a similar situation.  After their eight-month class on memory loss, five couples and two single women did not want their camaraderie to end, reporter Dominique Fong wrote for The Oregonian.  One couple, Dave and Hallie Caswell, said their love and care for their fellow … Read the rest »

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July 2012 Newsletter

Bad behavior of Alzheimer’s patients is a sign of unmet needs

In the first part of a multi-part post, Angela Lunde breaks down the negative behaviors displayed by some patients with Alzheimer’s disease.  Her mantra is “Blame the disease, not the person,” but she says we should not simply dismiss or blame the behaviors on the dementia.  Lunde, the chief writer for the Mayo Clinic’s Alzheimer’s blog and a dementia education specialist in the education core of Mayo Clinic’s Alzheimer’s … Read the rest »

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